Friday, 15 February 2013

The Mazeworld


Mazeworld was a creator owned comic that appeared in three instalments in 2000AD between 1998 and 2000. Written by Alan Grant with artwork by Arthur Ranson (who was also responsible for the artwork on three volumes of the amazing Button Man - written by John "Judge Dredd" Wagner).

My image is a bit of a plagorism, I'll admit. The original can be found on a double spread in prog 1017 where Arthur Ranson gives us a view of the vast Mazeworld itself. The image seemed perfect for interpretation with the style I'm trying to develop on the computer.

As an illustrator friend told me, the original is like a detailed diagram of the Mazeworld whereas mine is the reality as if you are travelling through the clouds and stumble upon it. Very kind words, indeed and certainly what I had hoped to achieve (ego aside).

Mazeworld's copyright is owned by Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson. There is a graphic novel collecting the three volumes available from Rebellion.

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