Sunday, 10 February 2013

2000AD Wallpaper Project

So here's the story.

I had been looking at operating systems for my upgraded computer and had been considering changing to Windows 7 as my windows operating system (as I dual boot my computer – some programs I use don't work in Linux).  I had a play around with it and decided that I didn't like it.  I felt for my needs it was useless due to it's lack in backwards compatibility with some of the hardware I use.  There was one feature, however, that I did like.  Changing desktop wallpapers.  So I had a look for a program that ran this feature for XP (which I decided to keep as my Windows OS).

I then needed a cool collection of wallpapers.  My old collection was mainly for my previous monitors aspect ratio and I never really bothered looking for more.  I actually prefer making my own desktop wallpapers, but with this feature I felt I could shove in some inspirational artwork by other artists and some cultural iconography.  This led me to discover a total lack of wallpapers for my monitor ratio based on my favourite comic, 2000AD.

I had this brainwave.  I could make some 2000AD inspired wallpapers.  What a great idea!  I can take my artwork into a new direction like I have been longing to.  My personal space is filled with unsold canvases and I have no more room to store them and barely enough room to paint them.  Returning to digital media will get me doing artwork again and space isn't an issue (not even hard drive space).  Plus I have a perfect reason to start re-reading my 2000AD collection.  I felt like a complete genius.

Except there was one snag.  I had learnt to do decent work on a canvas but my attempts to translate that to digital media had been less than successful.  I had done digital art work for years before I got out the paintbrushes again and that digital work was laborious, patience straining hard work for what were less than stellar imagery.  I did not let this deter me.  I had taught myself how to paint well with acrylics (with a little help from some books) and I can teach myself how to paint well on the computer (with a little help from some books).

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