Friday, 22 February 2013


ABC Warriors Project No 1

I actually had to think long and hard about which ABC Warrior I should post first. Should it be my favourite of the pictures I've done (too hard to choose)? Should it be Deadlock (seemed like a natural choice)? Should I just choose randomly? In the end I figured there was only one of the Warriors I could, in all good conscience, post first. The first to be recruited in the strip. Hammerstein.

Hammerstein was created by Pat Mills for a different strip that appeared in a different comic to 2000AD. The absolutely fantastic Ro-Busters, which was printed originally in the comic Starlord but moved over to 2000AD (if you don't know your 2000AD history). It was a take on the popular TV show Thunderbirds concept of a group dedicated to extreme rescues. Except it had robots in it and was (imo) better. Ro-Busters also featured two other Warriors who were not in the original ABC Warrior line up. He was the first leader of the Warriors in their mission the tame a terraformed Mars.

The concept for this image came easy. Through much of the run of ABC Warriors Hammerstein has exemplified a concept of a perfect soldier with all the trauma that carries with it. By the books, disciplined, always ready to follow orders. Coming up with his pose was naturally easy. Of course he would be standing rigid, saluting. I could have done some fancy dynamic pose of action, but this was part of a line up and I had to take that into consideration. I'm really pleased with how he turned out, but I do think the pose will look better in context.

Hammerstein, ABC Warrior and Ro-Busters are copyright of Rebellion.

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