Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Until they bleed!

I have watched four films recently that I haven't seen before.  Resident Evil: Retribution, Silent Hill: Revelation, Wreck-it Ralph and The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

It is hard to say whether the RE film was any better than the previous instalment as they are both pretty awful films.  I wasn't expecting much from it so I wasn't at all disappointed like I was with Afterlife.  I did notice something off about the special effects, though.  SH I was more disappointed with because I actually enjoyed the first film.  I felt the first film had more of an enigmatic plot that was revealed at a good pace with well distributed exposition that didn't feel forced and was resolved nicely at the climax of the film.  The little weird twist at the end was a nice touch as well.  Silent Hill: Retribution (see what I did there??) lacked all of that and appeared to more of an exercise in fan service.  As much as I like Sean Bean as an actor, I don't think much of his American accent - maybe that's because I'm so used to his proper voice it comes across as out of place.  It was a better film than the Resident Evil one but I was more disappointed.  I also noticed something off about the special effects.

Two films with off special effects.  It looked like CGI done in late 90's early 2000's.  At first I figured it was just budget restraint and then I realised what it was.  The damn 3D.  It's really a shame because it was noticeably worse quality and I could see the collaged seems required the give the illusion of depth using 3D.  This is the first time I've experienced poor quality visuals due to implementation of 3D.

So onto Wreck-it Ralph.  Yes it's a fun little film, but many reviews my professional and amateur critics alike seem to suggest that it's original.  It isn't.  The concept follows a well established family animation formula.  Two characters who don't get along well initially slowly develop a friendship when one betrays the trust or feelings of the other and after a revelation endeavours to make things right with a big gesture and they become friends again.  Awwwwww.  So the plot isn't original.  What about the concept.  At some point during the first 10 minutes I thought to myself "oh, so it's like Toy Story".  It's a fun film, as I've already said, but it's not original.  I would be disappointed if this was a pixar film, but it's not so I'm not.

One other thing.  The character of Venelope irritated me considerable throughout.  I tried to let my heart warm to her, the character design was certainly good and there was plenty of room for empathy and compassion.  Something nagged at me though.  It wasn't until the closing credits I realised what it was.  Does anyone else think that Sarah Silverman is over-rated and annoying?

Lastly, The Pirates!  In an Adventure with Scientists!  This was not what I was expecting.  I don't really have much to say about it.  It's a silly Aardman Animations film like those that have come before.  Out of the four, however, it is my pick because it made me laugh and actually surpassed my expectations.

So there you go.  Movie reviews.

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