Friday, 22 March 2013

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ABC Warriors Project No 13



Here it is. Lucky thirteen. The final picture of my ABC Warriors project and what it has all be building towards. I've already posted all the elements of this picture separately and this is it all pieced together. It turned out very much how I would have wanted it to and I think that the Warriors look better all lined up as they are. If I was to redo this picture I would go about it completely differently. I very much followed an older process of making pictures digitally when doing this. That not only made the project go on for longer than it needed to, I think I lost a certain quality and feeling that I have been getting with my pictures recently. Not to say I am not pleased with the results. I am just not pleased with how I went about it. It was a good learning process, mostly in not what to do. It has given me inspiration to try again with the Warriors sometime in the future - including a different take on them entirely.

The next 'line-up' piece is already decided upon. It will be The Family Romanov from the series Nikolai Dante. I am not sure whether to post the individual characters like I did with the ABC Warriors or not. I do know that I will approach it very differently and more in keeping with my new working process.

ABC Warriors are copyright of Rebellion. 

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