Monday, 4 March 2013


ABC Warriors Project No 5

The fifth installment of my ABC Warrior project, Steelhorn a.k.a the Mess. In the original run of ABC Warriors, at the end of the Volgan war, Steelhorn became a pacifist with desires to become a firefighter. He was one of many robots tricked into handing himself in only to face a smelter. Steelhorn, however, was the robot who could never be destroyed and the intense heat turn him into a living liquid metal mess - that lived in a jar. In later strips Steelhorn was resurrected and rejoined the ABC Warriors, even getting a face lift.

This one was difficult to do. I didn't know which version of Steelhorn to do, whether to include his incarnation as the mess or not. Really, the character is far from one of favourites. He was severely underused in the original Mars mission. In the end I decided simply to embrace my indecision and came up with the idea of him pondering the jar that housed him when he was the Mess. Look wise I went with Henry Flints interpretation for the most part. Of all the pictures, this is my least favourite and that probably reflects my feelings towards the character.

Steelhorn and ABC Warriors are copyright of Rebellion

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