Friday, 15 March 2013

Mongrol and Morrigun

ABC Warriors Project No 10


Not long after I started collecting 2000AD back in the mid 90's Hellbringer was published. Needless to say, it was my favourite story. Naturally, the Hellbringer line-up is still my favourite and I especially liked the pairing of Mongrol and Morrigun. It was so cute. After seeing their arrival in Prog 910 they I fell in love. Mostly with Morrigun. I will forever think it an eternal shame that Pat Mills killed Morrigun off. She was fantastic. She was cool. She was tough.

The Mongrol and Morrigun pairing was an obvious one to me. Actually painting these together was great fun. Mongrol is a design I think can easily be done wrong, but I think I did a good job on my interpretation - ego aside. I also love Morrigun's hair in this picture. Turned out lovely.

Mongrol, Morrigun and ABC Warriors are copyright of Rebellion.

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