Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy Shrapnel

ABC Warriors Project No 4

For the fourth instalment of my ABC Warrior project I present Happy Shrapnel. He first appeared in the original ABC Warriors comic as team mate to Hammerstein and Joe Pineapples and was recruited into the Warriors alongside Joe. Happy was depicted with a kind of hobo characterisation. He was unceremoniously killed off between appearances of the ABC Warriors, but has since returned tot he story in the guise of Tubal Caine. He looks sets to be joining the ABC Warriors once more in forthcoming strips.

There wasn't really a lot of source material for Happy (compared to others). Nevertheless I was looking forward to giving my interpretation on what there was. I figured a nice gun-slinger pose would suit the character. There really isn't much to say about it and I think that sums up Happy. Being dumped fairly early on in the comics history, he really isn't a significant part of the story. He is not alone in this aspect though. I think Pat Mills has been trying to rectify this recently, bringing back older characters that he ditched early on. Almost as if he felt that he left the Mars mission of the original run unfinished. I sometimes forget that the ABC Warriors returned to Mars over ten years ago.

Happy Shrapnel and ABC Warriors are copyright of Rebellion. 

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