Thursday, 2 September 2010

My day out photos - Part 1

Out of the 250 photos I ended up with at after deleting several duplicates and blurred photos, I selected 23 that I thought were good pieces of photography. Here are the first three that were at the start of my walk.

Less than five minutes out of my house I spotted three birds happily perching on this hedge row. I had to be quick in getting the camera out to take a photo and they did actually all fly away before I could take a snap shot. Luckily two of them landed together on the hedge again and I just managed to get a decent shot before they flew away again.

I had not been to the nature preserve taking a direct route from my house before and this path was all new to me. I have a thing for images of passage ways like this, I don't know why.

A nice example of some of the country side that surrounds my home town.

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