Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My day out

Well, not so much a day out as a morning. Decided, now I have access to a camera again, to go to the nearest nature reserve to where I live and take photos. Over the last few weeks I have been exploring new techniques in painting and learning how to add more detail. I have been following along with some guides written by Jerry Yarnell. These have been quite useful, but I wouldn't recommend these guides to a complete beginner at painting, I did spend quite a lot of time figuring out gaps left in explanations of the various stages (having to give up on at least three canvases). I think I've spent enough time following the instructions layed out in the books and it is now time to get back to doing my own original pieces using what I have learned. That said, I need inspiration, so this morning I trotted off out to take some pictures. I will post the best of the bunch over the course of the next week or so, to allow me time to paint some more pictures to post.

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