Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Heavens and The Earth

Acrylic on canvas. 15.5" x 11.5".

This was really an attempt to replicate what I achieved in my painting The Calm. I ended up with something quite different.


  1. I love how the clouds have hints of purple. I can lay down on green grass and look up at clouds all afternoon, if I could :)

  2. Your work is fabulous! I took a peek at The Calm and although I see what you mean I think they are both outstanding and beautiful. It's magical the way you create those clothes. I like how vibrant and enticing your art is. I'm definitely going to visit you on Etsy and take a look around. Thanks for sharing your beauty; I am so glad I stumbled over here today.

  3. Thanks you very much, Petula. You're kind words are of great encouragement and I am very appreciative. I am glad you enjoy my artwork and hope you come back often to see it improve.