Saturday, 25 September 2010

What's going on?!?

I have been feeling a bit poorly of late but I do have some new paintings to showcase, I just haven't photographed them yet. I am very excited about these new paintings, it shows a great improvement all around and I feel I can achieve a lot more. Nevertheless, fate tends to intervene in situations that seem to be good and I can't achieve any more because I can't afford to buy canvases for new paintings.

Being stricken unemployed by the financial crisis and unable to find work for the past 18 months has in some ways been a great motivator for me to try and improve my artwork, find my direction and sell some paintings so I can get off of benefits. In a more practical sense it has been a hindrance for my art, as I am restricted in materials I can purchase and time I can spend painting as I look for actual paid work. It is a heady and strange mix of hope and despair. Nevertheless, as much as I would love to keep up the pace of my painting, I will probably be producing a lot less paintings now.

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