Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kami's Lookout


In my mid-teens I heard that opening theme tune. Naturally it captured my attention and imagination. Cartoon Network had started showing Dragon Ball Z. Obviously not the best of the anime I had seen, it was still compelling and the early episodes were quite imaginative. Cartoon Network only showed episodes up to the introduction of Trunks and for years that's all I had. These days it is easier to find these programs and subtitled instead of dubbed, too! I was able to watch the original Dragon Ball series which was a lot more enjoyable than Dragon Ball Z.

I recently watched Dragon Ball Z up to when Cell was introduced. I stopped watching it because I was tired of the same formula. Dragon Ball Z suffers from being too repetitive, especially when the are on Namek. They managed to stretch out five minutes into what must have been two hours in the end. I may go back periodically and finish watching the show.

Nevertheless, it is still a part of childhood I have fond memories of and as I mentioned I did enjoy watching Dragon Ball. Naturally I decided to do a homage to it and what better than something appearing to be floating in the clouds - Kami's Lookout. Yes, I am a sucker for clouds.

Dragon Ball was created by Akira Toriyama and was originally published as a manga in Weekly Shōnen Jump. One of them probably owns the copyright.

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