Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New Blog

I have today started a new blog called Loves, Life and Doodles, in which I shall be writing reviews to things, perhaps posting doodles and old artwork and just generally going on about life or whatever is on my mind.

I did this partly because I feel a hiatus approaching for this blog over Christmas.  I would like to maintain my online presence, but I don't want to fill this blog with any old thing.  A new blog will allow me to keep posting and will hopefully give me the incentive to maintain this blog better, which I did not do this year.

So if you are interested, pop over to Loves, Life and Doodles.


  1. went over to your other blog and commented. Hope you don't mind... {:-D

  2. Congrats, another blog to work on. Another nook that we can post our rants and life experiences.

    Visit me back: